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What is BMR?


Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) is the amount of daily energy needed by your body in a state of complete rest. This is the bare minimum amount of calories needed to keep all the vital organs of the body functioning.

Knowing your BMR can help you create a more effective strategy for weight loss. BMR can be used to calculate your calorie requirements in order to achieve a target weight. This is explained further in the "Interpretation" section below.

The formula to determine BMR is called the Harris-Benedict Equation and is a calorie formula that uses your height, weight, age and gender to determine your BMR


This tool calculates your BMR using your height, weight, gender and age as inputs. To use the tool, enter the above values in the units of choice and hit the "Calculate Button". Your BMR will then be calculated and shown.

For example, if you enter a height of 5 feet 7 inches, weight of 75 Kilograms, gender of Male and age of 54, your BMR will be shown as 1576 calories.


BMR can be used to calculate your calorie needs by multiplying it with an activity factor based on your lifestyle, as follows:

  • Sedentary - hardly any exercise. Calories Needed = BMR X 1.2
  • Light activity - exercising 2 days/week. Calories Needed = BMR X 1.375
  • Moderate activity - exercising 4 days/week. Calories Needed = BMR X 1.5
  • High activity - exercise/sports more than 6 days/week. Calories Needed = BMR X 1.7
  • Higher activity - Calories Needed: upto 2 x BMR

The calories needed as calculated above are for maintaining your current weight. In order to reduce weight, you need to consume fewer calories than that. Typically, if you consume 500 calories less than your daily requirements, you are likely to lose 1 pound per week.

You can learn more about managing your weight by visiting the Weight Management section of this site. You may also want to sign up for online consultation with one of our Weight Management professionals.

BMR/Calorie Requirements Calculator

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