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What is Framingham Heart Risk Score?


Framinghan Risk Score estimates the risk of having a heart attack in the next 10 years through answers to some simple questions. This tool is based on data from Framingham Heart Study, the details of which can be found at Framingham Heart Study - Hard Coronary Heart Disease (10 year risk) .


This tool is intended for use by men and women of age 20 to 79, who do not have any previous history of heart disease, stroke, diabetes or kidney disease.

It is generally used for understanding your risk level and taking preventive measures to reduce your risk level. To use the tool, enter the requested values and hit the "Calculate Button". Your ten year risk will then be calculated and shown.

For example, if you enter gender - Male, age - 55, total cholesterol -190, HDL cholesterol - 45, smoker - no, systolic blood pressure - 120, blood pressure medication - no, your 10 year risk level will be shown as 8%.


Suppose you get a risk level of 8%. This means that out of 100 persons with the same risk level as yours, 8 are likely to get a heart attack in the next 10 years. Whatever be the risk factor, your attempt should be to reduce it further through lifestyle changes. Out of all the parameters used in this tool, only age and gender are out of your control. All others can be controlled through lifestyle changes or medication with the advice of your doctor, and your risk can be reduced.

Framingham 10 Year Heart Risk Calculator

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Disclaimer: This tool is intended for informational purposes only. The results of the calculations and the information on this site should not be interpreted as specific medical advice. You must consult a qualified health care provider before making any decisions about your health condition, any lifestyle changes or therapies. This site cannot be held liable for any consequences of using this tool.