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Diabetes Risk Calculator (ADA) Tool


This tool helps in identifying the diabetes risk of an individual through answers to some simple questions. It is based on the test published by American Diabetes Association (ADA). The paper version of the test is available at: ADA Paper Test .


This tool calculates your diabetes risk score using your age, gender, height, weight, family history, blood pressure history and physical activity levels as inputs. To use the tool, enter the requested values and hit the "Calculate Button". Your diabetes risk score will then be calculated and shown.

For example, if you enter gender of Male, age of 55, no family history of diabetes, no high blood pressure, physically active, weight 170 lbs., height 5' 7", your risk score will be shown as 4.


A value of 5 or more indicates high risk of having Type II diabetes. This means that you should get yourself checked by a doctor and modify your lifestyle to bring down your risk level.

Also note that the type II diabetes is more common in the following ethnic groups: African Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanics/Latinos, American Indians and Pacific Islanders.

Diabetes Risk Calculator (American Diabetes Association)

Your Gender: Male     Female
Your Age:
If you are a woman, then have you ever been diagnosed with gestational diabetes? Yes     No
Does your father or mother or brother or sister have diabetes? Yes     No
Have you ever been diagnosed with high blood pressure? Yes     No
Are you physically active? Yes     No
Your Weight:
Your Height: or cms
Disclaimer: This tool is intended for informational purposes only. The results of the calculations and the information on this site should not be interpreted as specific medical advice. You must consult a qualified health care provider before making any decisions about your health condition, any lifestyle changes or therapies. This site cannot be held liable for any consequences of using this tool.