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Practical Tips and Strategies
For diabetes management, one needs to control the carbohydrate intake and glycemic load. Some practical tips and strategies for achieving these objectives are:
·         Avoid refined grains, potatoes and sweets.
·         Avoid beverages with sugar content. Drink plain water or chose sugar-free varieties.
·         Substitute items made from refined flour with whole wheat flower, e.g. white bread with whole wheat bread, regular pasta with whole wheat pasta.
·         Limit your portions.
·         Avoid desserts. Take sugar free versions if you cannot do without it.
·         Avoid alcohol. Limit to one drink if you cannot do without it.
·         Substitute carbohydrates with proteins, e.g. have larger portions of fish or chicken while reducing the portion of bread/rice/pasta.
·         Be active throughout the day. Try to walk at least 10,000 steps a day.