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Calories Burnt in Physical Activities

For weight management, you should know not only the calories consumed, but also the calories spent while doing various physical activities during the day. This tool helps you find out the calories burnt in common physical activities such as walking, professional work, house work, sports activities, leisure activities, etc.


Enter your weight and the name of the activity you are looking for and press the "Search"" button. You will then see all the matching activities, along with the Mets of that activity and calories burnt per hour of that activity.


For example, enter 75 Kilograms as your weight and "Swimming" as the activity. You will then see various types of swimming (freestyle, backstroke, etc.) and various speeds, with Mets and Calories burnt for each.

What are Mets?

METs stands for for "Metabolic Equivalents". METs measure how hard your body is working as compared to a state of complete rest. At complete rest, your METs level is 1. If you are doing an activity of 4 Mets level, you are consuming 4 times as many calories as at complete rest.

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